Friday, June 10, 2011



Awarded to the writer who has awakened something in you, a memory, laughter, tear or latent reality.  You recognize they have no fear and let their "light" shine in their writing and in their living

The knowing just how connected we are in this life and how there are no coincidences. For instance, meeting the artist who painted this precious picture today. Everyone meet VANE!  I added her art work in one of my blog video's made YEARS ago, yup, today I got chills in Florida.

Understood, maybe some people want to stay a "ghost writer" and don't want their true identity to be exposed or their address revealed. We will respect this and stay with the cyber touch BUT for the others who really do like to drink coffee, herbal tea, or say Cabernet Sauvignon. The choice is yours what you would like to share with others. This is the exciting part...your touch response. 

It's all about drinking in truth and being sustained during this journey ! 

    1. You may choose only ONE person per blog topic for this award
    2. You may post the V.P.A. award on your site once the below has been accomplished;
    • SENT THEM A CARD, snail mail or email with personal words of appreciation on how they have ignited your own soul, mind or heart
      • SENT THEM YOUR  (their) FAVORITE COFFEE  (ok beverage) to their doorstep; literally or figuratively. If you are not literally sending, then you must describe or share a picture of beverage winnings on their FB page or wherever their “home” is online.  
          3. Now you can let them know THEY'RE THE ONE!  who won the V.P.A award !
      "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous."
      the whole idea is this; to FOLLOW THROUGH with your warm fuzzy thoughts, not just keep it inside, lets truly ENCOURAGE an EMBRACE one another..see their truth and focus on the good the hilarious, the preciousness....of who they are 

      6/18/11 First Love 
      6/23/11 Tales of Times
      7/2/11 Opportunities to Make Money
      7/9/11 Faces 


      1. Oh to put this energy and beauty of living into words and see thought, manufacture into healing touch! found my resting place

      2. Now I understand :) Very nice! And to whom did you award it? Or how should people use it? :)

      3. Just copy the picture, i will leave it on our GBE board, just click on it and download. :) the coveted award went to a very dear writer and most loving woman i have ever known; JAN VALUSKAS. She has overcome so so much, her life so private and so purely transparent in her writing. Its so wonderFULL to she her light FInALLY ShiNE!

      4. RIGHT CLICK ON V.P.A. pic and save it

        Now find out where, what address you will send your card of appreciation; snail mail or web space
        and DO IT

        Now send your (their) favorite beverage, if you were to get together with them, what would you order? You can take it further, give them a mug or chocolates, but then couldn't that be another award someone will MAN u FACT ure? : )

        OK after you have DONE the above you announce to them THEY WON !!

        the whole idea,,is to FOLLOW THROUGH with your warm fuzzy thoughts, not just keep it inside, lets truly ENCOURAGE an EMBRACE one another

        LIFE IS SO PRECIOUS ,,ignite the JOY and let it spread FOREVER MORE!!! isnt this what GBE all about?

      5. @Spedmom; its called "Symphony of Science"

      6. Interesting award. I'd never heard of that one.

        Thanks for the follow. I especially love network follows because they refresh my blog more often with more followers.


      7. I love reading comments. . I guess that means "followers" too but more importantly its the connection and transference

      8. This is a beautiful idea Brenda! Love it!

        I'll be checking your friend's blog...


      9. Great idea! Off to check your friend's blog out.

      10. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO AWARD THIS TO ANY WRITER YOU CHOOSE : ) just follow the "simple" rules. Following through has been a difficult step in my past..application is making this FUN and NOT difficult anymore!!

      11. You are such a sweetheart! ♥