Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beyond Sight...Beyond Sound

"What we hear is the quality of our listening"   Robert Fripp
Had some down time at work. Doesn't happen often, where the trauma's cease, adrenalin subsides and we actually can "break bread" together.

It was during one of these moments we were discussing our favorite movies and decided to share with one another our best.  Brought in my "Waking Ned Devine"  and received "Fight Club" as the exchange with a warning; "you might have to watch this one a few times".  Ordinarily would pass this movie up as I am not a big fan of Pitt's  and it appeared to be a "boy type" movie. Yup, generation gap preferences were evident, yet out of respect, we exchanged our glossy DVD boxes.

Watched Fight Club that evening with my husband and what an eye opener for both of us; the battle of control is and always will be, our very own "self". If you submit to external signifier's of happiness; trophy partner, new vehicle, boat, home, plastic surgery, any new stimulus,...you reduce yourself into a blob of greed or worse, become a spectator. Spectators while coveting, invite control freaks in, allowing a subconscious manipulation dance while the blobs fraudulently prostitute and vampire those who come close. Oh and then there is of course the narrow path of living in-between.

My favorite line in this movie was, "It's only after we lost everything we are free to do anything".

You can't see the stars until its dark

I can remember abandoning myself into this thought oasis, Sure, could have taken control into my own hands, debased myself to denial, numbed my feelings with control substances or even worse, suicide. Instead chose to face the truth dead in the eyes and never forgot what was reflected back. The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide, stop trying to control everything and just let it go, especially when you know you don't have the power to stop something which is gone, in death or by willful choice. Ironically isn't that the gift God himself has given to all of us? CHOICE

Yup so when you share your best, with no thoughts of return, truth and healing come, all you have to do is ?

What path do you choose this day?


  1. There's a reason why Baskins & Robbins has 31 flavors.


  2. mint chocolate chip please...hehe

  3. We get so blinded by the day and it's only through suffering that we begin to take notice of the stars. And, we are the "STARS" !! Our 'dark nights' a blinding glow!!! God is good!!!!

  4. I've never watched fight club, but I remember an episode on NCIS that related to that movie and I can see what you're talking about. I think the control issue is part of accepting ourselves as who we are, not as how others expect us to be or how we think we should be.

  5. What a great take on control. I've not seen Fight Club but now I am very curious. I think the only thing we can ever really learn to control is our self for the most part and our attitude toward what life dishes out. Enjoyed reading this!! Cheers, Jenn.

  6. I think that having the ability to just "let it go" and let it be is one of the hardest yet most essential things that we as humans need to learn. We need to do our best, but we can't control everything and we shouldn't try.

    For me, if I listen to my intuition and let it guide me to what I can control and what I need to let go of, I do well...

    Great blog!

  7. If we'd all just listen to and trust the voice within (and stop teaching our kids to frown out that voice and look outside of themselves for answers!), the rest would fall nicely into place.

    By the way, I really liked Fight Club and I LOVE Waking Ned Devine!

  8. Fight Club is one of my favorite movies and you picked a great quote from it. Chuck Palahnick (the author of the book the movie is based on) has a few more novels with similar ideas and messages. I just finished reading Choke.

  9. reading "the people of the Fire" right now..just may check "choke" out! Of course "similar ideas and messages" are written by "today" authors..my desire is to be an author of authenticity capturing the paradigm shift, ignoring the laws of nature .. being launched into cosmos travel with permission of course. : )

  10. Love the quote from the movie. I haven't seen it either so maybe I'll go ahead and check it out. Thanks.

  11. I'll check out "Fight Club." I loved your blog. Lots of interesting phrases..."subconscious manipulation," "losing everything to be free..." I think it all boils down to being true to yourself no matter what. Kids should be taught this at a very young age. I try my hardest to engrain it into my kids' heads. Unfortunately, nature takes its path and entering the preteen years, they start worrying about what others will think; especially girls.

    Anyway, great blog!

  12. I linked the quotes in the blog; just click on "favorite line in this movie"

  13. I can understand your hesitance to Fight Club - I once felt the same way, and it took a couple of years to watch it, but it is brilliant. As is Waking Ned Divine, in a very different sort of way. I never meet people who have seen that movie, and it's by far a favorite of mine! Bringing back good thoughts on both.

    Btw, I have a feeling it's Ed Norton who makes Fight Club more than Brad Pitt, right? I've never seen a movie that Ed Norton doesn't give 100% ... even if the character he's portraying would be too gruesome to know in real life. Very strong actor.