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Are You Aiming High?

Nope, it doesn't taste good!
Put Pookie outside today. He is so talkative and the chatter can drive one batty. He really is cute yet there are moments in life when cute is annoying. One person’s adorable, is another individual’s nemesis.

Reflections of this little guy on our left may be seen as a chubby one with a fist full of sand in his mouth or can be demonstrated an echoed as “chip off the old block”.

Where did that saying come from? Images of cement come to mind. Yes, certain things from our childhood are concreted within our subconscious, even genetics.  Sometimes they surface as gestures or within our dreams.  We can’t escape our beginnings however we can change our attitude; interpret and modify our reactions. Eventually it can become a healthy practice. When do we get to the point and realize “something has got to give”? YES ask these questions  Why, When, Where and Who gets under your skin! It will eventually reveal the truth of the matter, and settle your ugly self-down.

So today Leonard talks about ambition. The exercise is “Set your goals high; you take care of the “WHAT” and God will take care of the HOW.  

All morning I have been contemplating the above exercise.  Thinking about the butterfly and how it instinctively knows what to devour as a caterpillar, and I suppose this would resemble learning.  ­However, the truth of the matter, unless you get to the cocoon stage and are left alone, emergence is nullified. And if someone helps you out too soon, you’re dwarfed. Sure you may have beautiful wings but they won’t function as they were meant to.

Points to Ponder: “Ambition is the power that allows us to go forward when things look the darkest”    So ambition must be the fuel for success to be established. Now this image below comes to my mind.
  “The journey of a thousand miles sometimes ends very very badly”

Are we the fish or the bear? Some may argue it’s the food chain. Or, are we talking about FEAR; the old false evidence appears real thang. Yet in reality, it’s as simple as this really, we have to know who we are. Ever spend time with a confident successful businessman or CEO? Guess what, they know who they are! Whether they have Integrity, well that's a whole different topic.

Ambition is personal, and why do we set goals, to ward off lethargy? I know it is written “I will spew you out, you lukewarm ones”.  Ok, get it, got that one good, so ambition is great as long as THINGS aren’t my goals; things are tools which will help me achieve my goals. Then I read this; God did not give us the ability to dream without the ability to fulfill our dreams. Leonard goes on to say; Ambition is part of dreaming. Know this and know it well. “It is better to aim at the stars and hit only the moon, than to aim at the moon and hit your front yard”  (now i hear myself thinking; Cripe I don’t think I am even aiming for any personal goals, more for my family but not my personal goals.Ok, sirens are going off in my head now.

Do you have a friend, parent or partner who; “slots you into their plans for achieving their goals”?  Is this not the epitome of a Vampire? So subtle yet once you learn to discern the tools of such striving souls, you steer clear or become anemic real quick.  Yup, they’ll drain your life essence, the reason why you were created is nullified in their presence.

I believe unforgiveness creates the vampire. I can remember thinking Count Dracula was so powerful and intoxicating. He could achieve anything at night yet could never see his reflection. He sadly lost his identity long ago; the reason why he was even produced.  Shelter was sought whenever the truth was dawning and he always awoke hungry. Power would be attained through the embodiment of charisma and sometimes it came in pill form. Chemistry was intoxicating as the rush of blood exposed anatomical changes. Now fertile with desire there would be no stopping it, for his dream has taken flight. Adrenalin porous prongs clamp onto the vision before him, after all they did invite him in, and so he latched onto you. Loneliness allows this.

The good news, the above scenario does NOT have to be repeated! Understand the “borne again” and living life unrestricted; free from any disease.  A diseased heart manifests with the above scenario taking root in your life. You have been hurt so you hurt others? Or you deaden your living by ingesting elements to relax your thoughts, intoxicate your mind and now you don’t have to think. Or maybe you are at the point where you don’t give a rip and just spread your junk to anyone nearby. This can be manifested through verbiage, yelling obscenities or even hitting. First objects then mammals and you’ll eventually reach the humans. The germs in your dealings will move through the air waves and even live on the surface of people’s thoughts and so sad if they have to live with you! PLEASE whatever you do, ‘don’t say you will “TRY” to stop, or try to separate from them, this is not to be in your vocabulary. If it is, sadly, you won't morph.
Stop Your Illness from Spreading to Others
  • SHUT UP. Write in a Journal and expose your weakness to yourself first
  • Throw away used issues. (Stop making excuses for why you are so nasty.)
  • Wash your thoughts often. Stop and ask for forgiveness after you dump on someone, yes repent, not vent. (don’t be tempted to use alcohol to deaden your feelings.)
  • Do not share your polluted thoughts with others. Seek counsel form a licensed professional
  • Don’t have sex (talking with consenting adults here) just for the “release” of it. Your partner is not a depository of pleasure or masturbation doll.
Though we have been brought into situations maybe beyond our control, we can overcome them! The truth within YOU is POWERFUL and FULL of LIGHT. Once the dawn awakens your soul, all chains will drop off and there will be no past to stop you. Your journey takes off into a new dimension as you learn how to apply this power. You have tasted victory just remember to daily walk in it.

Today’s affirmation: I do only those things that make me successful. But this cannot be at another person’s expense. If we are led to achieve a goal, we must be honest with ourselves and start the journey. At first we may be motionless, just like the butterfly when it first emerges from his decomposing shelter. A lot to take in this thing called LIVING! Found this great footage which shows the literal metamorphosis transformation. One must be still in order for it to materialize.
I think this is what Leonard meant in Today’s Exercise when he states: Set your goals high: you take care of the “What” and God will take care of the HOW.

Here is a visual of the miracle of metamorphosis witnessed in nature;

So what makes you successful? Getting rid of “stinkin thinkin” this will clear the air up around you and heck, we all know charity begins at home.  Here is one of the most recent applications I have been using to have my dreams come true. It is a teaching from Karpaga Vinayagam.R  of Hewitt Associates.
NEVER use the word try, it’s a toxic word and here are a few more;

Ø But
Ø If
Ø Might
Ø Would Have Ø Should Have Ø Could Have
Ø Can't (really means won't)
Ø Don't
All these are disgusting excuse words. Might as well face this reality now, it will change your life! Here is the reason why; linguistic errors have been around for centuries. All you have to do is know what NOT to repeat.

If: presupposes that you may not.
Would have: Past tense that draws attention to things that didn't actually happen.
Should have: Past tense that draws attention to things that didn't actually happen (and implies guilt.)
Could have: Past tense that draws attention to things that didn't actually happen but the person tries to take credit as if it did happen.
Try: Presupposes failure.
Might: It does nothing definite. It leaves options for your listener.
Can't / Don't: These words force the listener to focus on exactly the opposite of what you want. This is a classic mistake that parents and coaches make without knowing the damage of this linguistic error.

Toxic phrase: "Don't drop the ball!"
Likely result: Drops the ball
Better language: "Catch the ball!"
Toxic phrase: "You shouldn't watch so much television."
Likely result: Watches more television.

Better language: "I read too much television makes people stupid. You might find yourself turning that TV off and picking up one of those books more often!"

Exercise: Take a moment to write down all the phrases you use on a daily basis or any Toxic self-talk that you have noticed yourself using. Write these phrases down so you will begin to catch yourself as they occur and change them.

So if we don’t aim high we probably will end up on the couch yet another day

Our intimacy will be the companionship noise of the radio or TV and you may even lose the desire to eat. So why not awaken the ambition within and hear the lesson for the day, our daily bread.
We naturally are attracted to people who “complete” us. Maybe we are lacking in the “this or that” in life and we need to know “these” (this and that’s). If not then we are opening up ourselves to defeat, divorce or damaged at best. God has created us to be SUPERnatural, co- creators on earth as it is in Heaven. So why do we settle for anything less? Why do we believe a lie and let our essence feed another?  Stop it already, stop striving an embrace the reality of your inner man(angel) and live your life alive. It’s time to take flight.


Wordless Wednesday!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lack of a Well Defined Purpose?

On my way home from dropping my son off at the train station I saw the most interesting sight.

Actually have seen this before once with a swarm of bees and even fish but rarely birds. In regards to bees they're moving the whole hive and the fish are frenzy feeding but the birds today looked aimless. Unlike migration with a destination, this was a definite circular pattern which almost made me nauseous to watch. Around and around as if they were caught in a looped tornado, self-propelled entities but what triggered this?


Was the cohesiveness of the group so important to trigger flocking and seemingly erratic behavior? The short clip above shows exactly what I saw today.  Of course this got me doing some research and to my amazement found a study which was conducted in Italy. Interaction ruling animal collective behavior depends on topological rather than metric distance;  in other words,  they showed this behavior triggered the flocks when they were attacked by a predator be it a falcon or bullet, cohesiveness of the group demonstrated this affect, end result, confuse the enemy.  

A thought of Alfred Hitchcock movie comes to mind, the enemy for those birds was man. And of course “birds of a feather flock together”.  Popularity, reduce risk of predation and basically congregate and enjoy life together, kinda like GBE 2 or NaBloPoMo!  So maybe to some on the outside we look odd but there is a reason for this; truth or fiction, the choice is ours and we flow with it. 

Usually I chose non-fiction. Not sure why, think it was the pretty butterfly on the cover and my very first novel  I read was;  The Collector  as a child. 

Mom said it was fiction but after reading it my 11 year old voice blurted “Mom this could really happen, I could see this happening” and my heart bled for the trapped dying woman.

See many relationships in this state, where control rules and the partner becomes a puppet, aimless and fat. Not that fat is a sign of being trapped but food is such a BIG comfort and insulation is necessary for the abandoned ones.  Maybe obesity is so evident because food is so available.  But it’s never really about the food though, it’s about unmet needs.  The choices we make to medicate the woundedness within and maybe the unconscious reason we join a group.  Deep down we can hide or just maybe sense,  an answer is just a heartbeat or keystroke away.  If we could just quiet the noise around us long enough to listen. 

My son, the one who is brilliant and pure genius, the one who is saving money riding the train every day, my first born and joy of my life, well he met the most amazing business man and author, Leonard Rubino. Kinda by accident, though in life truly believe there is no such thing.  There is a song I came across today describing this event by the artist Adele; Hiding my Heart

This is how the story went
I met someone by accident
It blew me away
It blew me away

It was in the darkest of my days
When you took my sorrow and you took my pain
And buried them away, you buried them away

In essence, this is just what this man did for my son.  Unemployed and ego destroyed, as he had to find shelter back home with family, something no healthy adult male wishes to admit, on top of this lets add witnessing his beloved grandfather dying, a recipe for depression if there ever was one. 

Well he gets a call and a challenge an in no time solves the puzzle. The call came from a good friend from school who couldn’t figure out a web problem at his job so "lets call Ron" everyone was use to calling good ole Ron. But this time there was another challenge solved and the head of the company now wanted to meet my son in person.  Was it Karma, was it reaping what he sowed; always helping his friends, or was it his dying grandfather’s prayer? Please Lord send someone to help my grandson succeed in this world. Cocktail for success either way you look at it, the owner of this company hired my son immediately. 

Leonard Rubino decided to come out of retirement because he was bored. Successful owner of several corporations and this self made millionaire was led to start another company and this one he chose to have my son partnership with.  He even had a lawyer draw up papers so if anything happened to him, his employees would not be abandoned but sheltered monetarily, yes a sign of a healthy leader. 

It was shortly after my dad’s death my son came home with an autographed copy of his bosses book and dedicated to ME!   
To say I was shocked is an understatement but there it was in black and white his message to me; and yet I felt sad reading this, yes, totally thankful I am employed, have a medical license to Rx and even teach, but don’t feel as if this is my purpose in life. 

It’s then I read the title of this book; “Success and Happiness One Day at a Time” 

Misplaced the book for awhile an I remember my mom wanted to read it.  Always had a hard time saying “no”, if someone asked me for something, I would give it away and especially your mom, Dad would want to see her happy.

Time tic tocked along and I honestly forgot about the book. Mourning has seemingly passed and though dad was such a bright light in our lives, truly never thought he would die, not daddy. He was too much fun, but he died anyways, kinda like dreams.

Saw their lives change when dad couldn’t find a job, often wondered if he just gave up, especially when unavailable funds led him into a home of their affordability; a mobile home. I remember the day the opportunity was offered to them; moms face twitched and my dad’s eyes got real big and his face turned red.  A mobile home was not the retirement community of their dreams and though the reality of “no funds” directed their steps, sadness filled my heart. Why? Because this was my gift, the only thing I could afford and it was nothing but a slap to their egos and I never saw this in them before

See, I saved money for my retirement. I was so proud of this but when the hurricanes ripped through this side of Florida; all four of them; Jeannie, Francis, Wilma and Katrina, AND my parents were left homeless, what else could a child have done? Yup, offer them shelter.  This also included shelter for my daughter, grandkids and even for a few weeks, when a sister who was fighting with her husband.  Yes, my home was a retreat of sorts and I didn’t mind, they would do the same for me if I was in a similar situation; so I thought. 

Years have passed, daughters have flown on, sisters have remained partnered, my son on the verge of a financial breakthrough and I face bankruptcy.  My husband is solvent and will stay that way. After all these were not choices he agreed with and it wasn’t money he banked or “bought in” with. This was my family, my choices and he was present to hug me and help us “move on” as good husband’s do.  Heck the sex was still great and who would guess that from 60+ year olds? THIS was never discussed in my family, just a real great surprise for me because as a child I thought sex stopped at say 40. :0)  

So here I am, sitting on the couch making time for writing and praying.

I made a promise to myself, no matter what, discipline myself for at least 30 days and DO THIS.  Ironically I found Leonard's book today. February this year, I asked him if I could quote his book and write about it. Don’t know why I even asked, had a quiet thought and his response was loud and clear; this is what this book is about. An instrument for healing, please implement any way shape or form. 

Today I opened the book to this; Monthly Affirmation: I do only things that make me successful  Ok, I admit it, my nose is making that burning feeling and my eyes are fuzzy, tears get in the way but I can still read the truth.  The timing is perfect, have some time off of work, husband is out of town on business and Praise God there is peace and quiet all around me, except for Pookie, our ring neck parrot, he is talking up a storm!  

Yet I read on; Leonard writes; “Most people spend more time planning a two week vacation than they do in figuring out what they want to do with their life. People who do not succeed in life blame it on just about everything." He goes on to say; “It is better if you don’t worry about money and look for a life purpose that will really make you happy. Then, see if you can make other people happy. Then see if you can turn it into a financial success.”

Never was the type of person who joined a group to "become popular". It just sounds WRONG, yet I always was “part of the popular group”. This was made evident by a recent high school house guest who pointed this out to me. She said “I will never forget the time when ..” and she shared a moment when I encouraged her.  This made me cry, 1. Don’t remember the incident 2. It helped her immensely. 

Gosh we just don’t know the power we sincerely have.Today I rediscovered my purpose.