Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Can't control the Rain...

Oh i hear you
you're coming FINALLY
thought i smelled you .. felt your breeze kiss my cheek
and now i can SEE you

you furiously tap upon their glistening leaves 
just look at you pour out your wonder..
heavens delight to lavish your gift on us

oh you're almost HERE.
its almost my time 
to feel your refreshing 
cleansing for pores so parched
let me breathe you close

oh NO
you lifted your veil 
towards the west you went
you chose not to come

oh why why did you not come this way?
could you not hear my plea
did you not know i was here?

was it...someone 
who needed you more ?

and yet i wait
watching now my hopes descend
as the sole of my feet burn
like the sun

next will feel me
you won't be able to stay away
i suppose '
dark night will blanket me again
and tomorrow..
 your dew will come!


  1. Thank you for this. Your words are beautiful and the images are stunning. I am so happy your post on my blog brought me here. It has made my evening!

    Om and Blessings,


  2. What a beautiful post...I absolutely loved it. Thanks so much for sharing :) Cheers, Jenn

  3. Wow! This is so divine and beautiful! I love how you wrote about nature--the rain at that and your pictures are gorgeous!

    BEAUTIFUL blog!

  4. Just loved it. Everything about it. *smiling into my chocolate cake and coffee now*

  5. Great pictures and poem.


  6. This was just lovely! :O)

  7. I adore the rain. It's not just that it clears the air and waters the ground. It's more to do with the tiny world contained and reflected within each drop. Just magical... like your words and pictures *hug*

  8. oh mojo....i hear you : ) thank you everyone.

  9. Beautiful poetry and photos. This struck a chord with me, I love the rain and we are in a serious drought here. Please, oh please, oh please.

  10. Beautiful images and imagery!

  11. thanks all!! guess it would be a great time to replace the roof!! : ) ok HOLD BACK RAIN..hehe using reverse psychology doesn't work on mr rain either right? Or is that MURPHY i am thinking about

  12. Very relaxing post. I wouldn't control the rain if I could ;)

  13. A lovely poem and beautiful photos!

  14. Oh, I do so love this!! I'm a major fan of rain. There's no better way to sleep than to the sound of falling rain.

    RE: surgery - no. Not yet a necessary consideration. Thanks for your comment!!

  15. Oh HUG !!! I love your poetry !!! Big Hug !!! awesomesauce !

  16. thanks spark192000 ...hehe is that you sparkyB? when i wrote this i was sipping on some Chardonnay and NOT listening to boogie woogie!! hehe