Thursday, June 2, 2011

Embrace the Challenge; add music to your blog

Ever read a blog and become awestruck? The palate is perfect, a designers show case with MUSIC to boot!  Peacegirl's place did it for me; A Horse With No Name was the blog, "omg? how the heck did they do that?"  and the research began.

It happened innocently enough, just like the day when my son asked me to join myspace. "What is myspace?" his reply; "Check it out for yourself Mom" did, took the Muppet Personality Test found my identity and joined! (under my Muppet name of course). After all, NONE of my peers were there, "that's a place for kids" and Tom became my very first friend.

Met the most fascinating people. Sure had my fears, "your identity could be stolen" (not, I am a muppet!)  and discovered writing reveals the soul of a person. Like attracts like and this chemistry can form bonds for a lifetime.

When invited to join GBE (global blog event) achem; grammar by example, the definition doesn't matter, the reality was this; change was in the air and the opportunity for growth.

  1. First you need your code for the player; Streampad , at this link select your platform. Scroll down to customize. * You only need to add the code once.
  2. You will need to download DROPBOX, its free. click here to download dropbox STAT. This will convert your MP3's to a PUBLIC FILE. You need to do this and here is a link to youtube from a guy with an accent who shows you how to do it simply
  3. Each blog you write can have a new MP3 play but remember, if you don't want ANY song you will have to delete your Streampad gadget that week. (or just add a almost mute background song of the wind, rain or rolling waves)
  4. FREE mp3's, download MP3 snipMP3
  5. With the above, all you do is copy the code of the youtube music and it will convert it for you, then after it coverts it just click and download to your favorite music library. Don't worry, it does not copy the commercial adds, just the music itself. This is the mp3 you will drag into your DROPBOX to make into a public domain for web acceptance
  6. This is where it may get a lil stressful if you don't understand HTML, but this is how to add mp3
paste public mp3 link from drop box (at the very end of your blog)
click LINK button
clck html button
scroll to bottom
delete everything after closed carrot (in quotes carrot) and then just add a space

  • <a href=""></a>
  • <a href=""> </a>

Doing the above will make the HTML disappear in your blog. Experiment, forgive your self, take a coffee break, wine break, rum n coke..hehe most importantly have FUN trying. These steps made music work for me but just like achieving an orgasm....success is not succumbing. (yes Kevin this last line was for you) Don't settle and make it work for you.

"The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate"  Oprah 


  1. Nice going, smart cookie!

  2. Ok, I admit it....that whole post was Greek to me:)) I'll get my techy son to do it for me lol. Nice success post though ;)

  3. I'm sure you have just helped MANY, MANY people. Awesome !

  4. The waves on your blog are so soothing, like a virtual spa treatment....just without the massage.

    This tutorial is very beneficial, especially for those who may not be very tech savvy or at least, not up to date on the latest services for playing and sharing media on a website or blog.

    The humor and image help to put readers at ease, which is a nice feeling when trying to figure out all of this tech, social networking, uploading, etc. Yikes!

    The Madlab Post

  5. LOL Nicole....going to change the beat a lil..time to add piano..downloading a MP3 now. OK ms how can we update even BETTER!? Communication is a wonderful thang! : )

  6. Kudos to my son..Meister Zigmaster, who taught me the html carrot trick. I am a visual person so needed to see it down on paper. Love its all free too! : )

  7. Is success an orgasm? Wait... I answered my own question. :P

  8. Great post. I don't even bother with music anymore. I always keep the volume down. Ever since these ads started talking, I became paranoid wondering where the voices were coming from. LOL.

  9. Awesome, I'm bookmarking this page and coming back when I'm ready to add music. You Rock!!
    Cheers, Jenn

  10. The only problem is the same that drove me away from MySpace. I pause the music because I don't want to listen while watching tv, and every time I click on a link the music starts up again. I couldn't find a way to stop it playing completely.

  11. Okay, you've given me a new challenge to sink my teeth into. Thanks.

  12. Ton,, 2 and why i chose streampad..if you have updated flash you should have your very own widget at the bottom of the page; blue with on off and volume switches. luv that option

  13. Congratulations, you won the Overlord award! Pop by my place to pick it up ;)

  14. Overlord. . . Humm sounds domnimatrixy. . . : )

  15. Loving your blog...and I have an award for you!!

    Cheers, Jenn

  16. LOVE awards..hehe thank you kindly all !!