Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Is Success a Pacifier?

Thumbs Up World!
We are all hungry for something.  Recognition, higher salaries, education, shelter,  functioning transportation, an understanding partner, a stress free job, safe beach to walk on, (presently we are being inundated by jelly fish)  or maybe good health!

Life is this way and growth, spiritual and the physical, happens in stages. Success is the end result of a stage. It may have been a sympathetic response to a thought, what we heard or visualized. Either way, stimulation elicits a response from you and those around you. So maybe the question aught to be "What is your soul craving today?"

I'll never forget the day when my husband announced to me he was going to catch a Tarpon.  It happened innocently enough. We were at our favorite beach, lines in the water and BAMB, a strike. The familiar whine of  fishing line going out and then my rod went like lightening towards the surf, right out of the holder! Never saw my husband move so fast, he grabbed it just in time to set the hook when this monstrous silver bullet lept straight up out of the water a few yards in front of us. The scene was surreal, slow motion, then instincts took over as I grabbed for my camera.  AGAIN, this fish leapt straight up and this time shook his head and slapped down on the surf and our line went limp.
This was the beginning of my husband's vow and his research began. What type of hook to get, what bait to use, you name it. His conversation and concentration was on that dang fish!  Rain or shine..he was game. Every time he went fishing he would say; "today might be the day honey" and his day finally came. It was a 40 min struggle, man nor fish were hurt as the tarpon was released to his natural habitat and the news spread to ours. He never gave up and caught success and was content for awhile. Now he wants to land a shark.

One of my greatest mentors shared with me "do few things but do them well, heart felt work grows purely".  (yup, teachers can come through songs) and well it's a truth I have visited many a time. Our conscious mind helps us make decisions every day as it visits with our subconscious in our dreams. Maybe this is what Jesus meant when He said: on earth as it is in Heaven, where there is no need for pacifiers because success will be a 24/7 reality, and no jelly fish in the waters. In the mean time....dream on.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Fuzzy Expectation

Ever wonder how expectations evolve or are even conceived?! It's like an urge, familiar and cherished. Everyone has them but just like a laugh, the sound is being launched from different platforms. A progression where a thought is created, built up and finally achieved.

One may desire a lover, friend, home, baby, new career, a job..., travel, lose weight, gain weight, debt free, understanding...or maybe a new pet. Today my concentration is on the latter...A Fuzzy Expectation. And just like any of the above listed, a desire and knowing is involved in the whole process. Hence expectations are conceived and the seed takes root.

Meet TOBY (God is good)

                                          Toby's first collar

                                    Learning to play safely
                                             Bigger collar

Ever notice how expectations evolve in three's? Just like expectations, scientists are still not sure what an atom is made up of, however we do know about three parts; protons, neutrons an electrons. We perceive our universe to have three spatial dimensions with earth being the third planet in the solar system. We hear through three semi circular canals in our ears. Also when experiencing an orgasm, another result of great expectations fulfilled, one may see a burst of white light. But there are three primary hues making up this light; red, green and blue. So even vision is "omne trium perfectum".   

During Toby's maturation another heartbeat emerged within this family!

                               Meet MILA (Highly favored, Miracle)

We find expectations evolve without much help from us. The only needed additive is a loving atmosphere. Everything else kinda attracts itself for the lessons to be learned so to live within the boundaries of truth. 

                       And someone to lean on in times of trouble


and then came third fuzzy in the most literal form; please meet Ms. Hermione


                                         HERMIONE (travels)

and the story of A Fuzzy Expectation evolves on in all of our lives. May we never forget the end of the story. There is no end...

The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.   Albert Einstein