Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where Things Wildly Grow


This is where we went exploring today! but we stopped @ "Put-in".
My mom heard the croaking an I explained to her they weren't the local bullfrogs; rather "Gators", so we kept our distance, taking pictures with a zoom lens was satisfactory as we didn't exactly want to be their next meal!

Hope you enjoy the still life pics and snap video takes. Felt it was the best way to share our journey! It was 90 degrees today yet the heat didn't even bother us deep in the Glades.Nature was courteous and let us film intimate moments. It was an honor to witness life in all of its splendor. A privilege capturing God's creatures and life so abundantly. This is where I feel most at home. Brings back memories of my childhood where most of the day was spent outside. My love for photography was sparked and now thoughts of investing in a macro lens/camera again.

A few of you mentioned you could not view the film so i added some pics to include you in the visual intake. Hope you enjoy a jaunt through the Florida "glades".  This particular preserve is located just south of Boynton Beach Blvd off of route 441. Entrance is off a lil dirt road, five dollar envelop gratuity. There is a visiting center, atmosphere even children would enjoy. Little gift shop and adjacent a theater set up for the kiddies to view an "air boat" simulation. You can also rent canoes and paddle through a 2 mile path where there is a floating dock midway and a outhouse secured on top of it! (also a sign which says; "DON'T FEED THE GATORS".  This day we decided to stay on land and enjoy the butterfly's!


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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!!

Wordless Wed Sept 7, 2011

 WW Aug 31, 2011

Sanibel Island, Florida


  8/16/11 beach after the storm

8/10/11 another sunset after the storm in tropical Florida!

8/03/11  Generational Viewing   :0)

Even Cloudy Days in Florida are invigorating and surprising!  

Cloud Formation above me

BUMBLE FEET : )  7/20/11

                                                                Sunsets in Florida 7/13/11

7/6/11 Dog Beach
our favorite FREE spot to visit
(oh..on the web it would be HERE)

(click link above to see Kathy Davis version of this flower in the Bahamas)