Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What do you Hope for?

"Money Grows on the Tree of Persistence" Japanese Proverb
They say money doesn't grow on trees, well if you think about it, in a way it does! Paper is created from a tree.

They say, "ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be given unto you. You have not because you ask not."  But is this not speaking about our interior desires for understanding and healing?  Either way,  if one does not reach up and grasp an opportunity, the blessing will be lost. Prosperity is all around us and who are the "they's" in our life anyhow?

Our thoughts will take us wherever we desire to go. But our thoughts go only as deep as our roots.Thoughts of the film SCROOGE come to mind. Ebenezer visited by the third angel was shown his dead self, the nature of greed metastasized from his broken heart. And Hitler, rejected from Vienna Art School, by a Jewish professor and a Jewish doctor couldn't prevent his mother's death. It is said he was brutalized as a youth, if only Hitler could have had Ebenezer's dream!

Just what are we harboring in our own hearts? What are the 'if only"...thoughts ?

In my community we share with the homeless, hungry and hurting,  An outreach where rescued souls help others. Not unlike my profession as a protective investigator, we listen and discover their problem is just the tip of the iceberg; repeated motions by unimproved mindsThey were only living like their parents did or sadly admitting creating a life they "vowed never to repeat". In many cases the abused became the abuser, breaking this cycle takes courage and persistence.Courage for the one seeking help and for the intercessor.

One story comes to mind, a story of a woman's extraordinary healing from her past. About three weeks into counsel she had a vision of a lonely barren tree (representing her life.) She didn't see this at first.

 Just as the twig is bent, the tree's inclined.

Early in its life, the tree was damaged to its core by a horrendous experience, stunting her future growth and leaving her vulnerable to the elements of life. It was at the end of her counsel she said God gave her another vision - this time of a thriving tree- "the Truth Tree", a tree filled with life; fruit, birds and insects all benefiting from the "luscious foliage and strong branches". The wound, still visible on the trunk had been healed and was no longer diminishing the fullness of life within her. She was released from the shame of her past and set free to live in fullness. She could sleep nights now and didn't have that "heavy feeling" in her heart. She forgave her oppressors, she forgave herself, she received life.

"On Earth as it is in Heaven"   the Lord's Prayer

So if a paradigm shift has come your way; a place where your world appears to be upside down...just look up and give thanks! Remembering, prosperity is just a barometer of the virtue within you.  So STAND tall, JUMP UP already, grab it, let hope send you, for your legacy has just begun.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Angular thoughts...

Copyright MCMXXXII
prepared  by JOHN Y. BEATY
  photographs  by  J. C.  ALLEN

Discovered this book and had to share.Noticed the copyright and started researching, realizing these pictures were taken in the midst of the Great Depression, yet such JOY was captured in these little faces. It's a lesson for me, for all of us, the gift of nature. The ones who can capture these moments and share with the world have to be hand chosen by God himself!

Freaked me out reading the stats; in 1932 the Government and companies cutting working hours for those in employment hoping to provide more jobs for those who are unemployed.. Thirteen million Americans were unemployed with massive famine, with estimates of five million deaths caused by starvation. A series of  Tornadoes on March 21st  1932 killed at least 184 persons in Alabama, Georgia Tennessee, Kentucky and South Carolina. AND Tuberculosis was becoming more widespread throughout the US...gosh, sound familiar?

Not an alarmist by any means but have seen history repeat itself. Greed desires monopoly and havoc reverberates karma's kiss. Love Dr Wayne Dyer's quote; "How people Rx you is their Karma, how you react is yours"  Simple, we reap what we sow, so lets get to the harvest already, the message found in this old  book.

After reading a few lines and viewing the pictures, even though the book smelled old...it felt alive. Alive with wonder and children full of life. Know we would be begging our family "lets go visit the farm".  Walk through the high grass unmowed, making swishing sounds as you waded on towards the animals. Hearing the moo of a cow and then smelling them. Not getting to close as the drool could slobber on you and just might lose your own stomach contents. But that's the adult me remembering...back to the book

Don't think she smelled the drool
umm..he might have!
aww , she would remember this moment forever
look at this barefoot cutie, even the pony looks happy!
no words needed
 working the field
 call this one... T O L E R A N C E!
Yup we must remember this
the power of a creative mind
the written word
births hope
into the eyes
even when
the path
 may have been

"No Braces Needed"

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history
Mohandas Gandhi

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Valley in the Mountains

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also"  Matthew 6:21
after a long silence
a smile
and the words come

Brother Sun........Sister Moon
taught us to drive
wet with anticipation
he was
Ivy League bound

 brought to our knees
we learned about
shifting gears
maybe out of fear
love was carved 
 in the tree
at the bottom
of Cayuga
greetings written
in stone 
for the early morning rise
those tents were pitched
longing for release
It isn't easy
living alone
strangers as bedmates
  your parents sent you there

Where is my angel? 

He never did like me, the Father of my first love. He tolerated me, as did his mom but I knew something wasn't quite right. Raquel Welch poster upon his Father's downstairs room, spoke of passions boxed up, yet his son was so open and desire so arduous, the spark of light from his mothers heart was seen deep in his pupil. He knew he was loved by her yet he was earning his Father's approval,so respect was paramount as the games continued.

Silent bets were made and looming strokes of a dark filled New Yourk Bridge sat on the living room mantle. It was there, thoughts; "can't find my place here" just vacant brown. Was it my imagination? Sigma Pi invites, lacy bikini's on the floor of the bunk, there, naked bodies inviting us in as an Ithaca sweety was wrapped in his roommates arms. "No shame" I would think, she thinks she loves him yet if she only knew what he said the day before; "Who can I invited this weekend, good between two sheets and looks great on my dick?"  I was among the creme of the crop, future leaders and all I wanted to do was run. Bridge games, social smiles, beautiful people with intellectual prowess. Made for interesting chemistry but I knew better. He graduated as a Chemical Engineer, 11th in his class but he wasn't my angel anymore.

Finished my medical studies and one of my cohorts introduced me to her brother. My GOD was he good looking and so totally opposite. 6ft 5, Scandinavian descent he tempted me to break almost every private vow, he wanted to be my King. Heard through the grape vine, my fallen angel was engaged to a lawyer, so I accepted his proposal. How could I go wrong with a decathlon champion who adored his family and held his mother in such high esteem? So I dove head first into the loins of uncircumcision.

A whirlwind of decision, birthing and understanding drove us to Florida where someone met me. It was the angel of my youth, professing his love once again.  He met someone but he wasn't sure she was the one. He had to see me one more time. (the lawyer and he didn't work out, nor the MD)  I was PREGNANT with my second child and he kissed me on the lips, a sweet goodbye, please forgive me he said,  whispering you were the one.  My eyes burned and the child within me leapt, snapping me back to the present. I said...He will restore everything to you, just watch! God Bless! and turned to go back to the one I said "death do we part".

Through these precious years, never forgot the innocent...the growing years.  So blessed with every birthing pain. My parents, laid down a strong foundation and choices launched generational seeds of hope.  All in all  been so blessed and recognized my first love, my angel over an over again. The purity and spark of every soul, every season and creation of Jehovah Almighty.  But the day we set any form above the Creator we witness a fallen angel, hopefully it isn't the angel within.

So odd, found the picture in a an old book, "The Living Flame of Love" St John of the Cross, almost threw it out but instead scanned it for this topic. And today, when visiting my mom, as she read the blog written about my dad, just knew was to write this on his birthday! 6/21 (and find that blogspot with MY background) AMAZING ..just pinch me! Think my angel is talking to me...better listen~

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Miss you Daddy

Was the first born and wasn't the boy he was hoping for yet he would love me just the same. Remember him getting me my first dog, Chesty, a German Shepherd, remember riding him like a pony! Everything dad gave me; pets, knowledge, LAUGHTER...we grew to LOVE! Especially his love for fun.

Chesty later bit the milk man and we had to give him away. In those days they would deliver milk right to your door, parents didn't want the milk to sour so the containers were kept on the back porch. He was just protecting me and the man who he bit didn't care about this or the "family pet". Remember at the age of three, Dad giving a piece of his mind to him, but the milkman took things one step further and "the police" made us give up that dog.

Dad told me the "vet would take good care of him".  Chesty got car sick and so did I the day we drove out to the "doggy doctor". "Will he come back home?" I remember the tears in his eyes. That night we watched Lassie together, it was during the credits, Lassie would put her paw up. As a child, would cry and cry because it reminded me of my Chesty, who even though he wanted to, could never come back home to me. 

Dad was Irish, flaming red head in his youth with flashing blue eyes. He had a love for music and also remember his 'hot temper'. He could make up his mind in an instant and not give a second thought to "consequences" which always amazed me how it didn't drive my mom to drink. Definitely could recognize this trait in me and have curbed my appetite to "bite ones head off" just as dad did in his living. We could see the change in his rivalry the day he laid prostrate on the floor of a cathedral making private vows to God. Dad always had a flair of making BIG decisions and becoming a Deacon in the church was one of them; just like when he enlisted in the army and became a Marine.

Around ten he taught me how to play gin rummy, fish and got me a gun for my 12th birthday. We belonged to a prestigious game and hunt club. Could catch rainbow trout and shoot with the best of them. Although put the gun to rest when I killed my first bird. It devastated me to see what was accomplished with my talent and vowed to God never to kill again. Looking into my friends eyes for understanding is when I heard;  "You're such a girl, go home and go play with your dollies".  That was the day when I discovered; "make fun of" was just like killing. Dad said "it's ok honey" and the gun disappeared.

Dad was a talented musician. In his youth he played in a band; clarinet, drums and piano. He knew one song by heart and when he played it was like magic. FUN would ERUPT! I rented a piano just for him and secretly to see if I had the talent to play; sadly never grasped it. But made sure that piano was nearby for those precious tunes to burst forth, yup he was the boogie- woogie bugle boy of Company B

Music helped to dispel the magnitude of the moment. Whether it be celebrating a birthday, graduation, birth of a child, child leaving the nest when you thought it was NOT appropriate, the celebration, honoring choices without judging, made everything right. It was the letting go and standing true to what you knew, even if it meant a lawful ordinance forced you to let go. This was part of the reveille, waking us up to the reason for the season and this to shall pass, even when your first love is taken away. R.I.P daddy. 

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. Aldous Huxley

Da-da, da-do-da-da
Da-da, da-do-da-da
Da-da, da-do-da-da
Da-da, da-do-da
 (click do-da if you want to see our family in action)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Can't control the Rain...

Oh i hear you
you're coming FINALLY
thought i smelled you .. felt your breeze kiss my cheek
and now i can SEE you

you furiously tap upon their glistening leaves 
just look at you pour out your wonder..
heavens delight to lavish your gift on us

oh you're almost HERE.
its almost my time 
to feel your refreshing 
cleansing for pores so parched
let me breathe you in...so close

oh NO
you lifted your veil 
towards the west you went
you chose not to come

oh why why did you not come this way?
could you not hear my plea
did you not know i was here?

was it...someone 
who needed you more ?

and yet i wait
watching now my hopes descend
as the sole of my feet burn
like the sun

next time..you will feel me
you won't be able to stay away
i suppose '
dark night will blanket me again
and tomorrow..
 your dew will come!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beyond Sight...Beyond Sound

"What we hear is the quality of our listening"   Robert Fripp
Had some down time at work. Doesn't happen often, where the trauma's cease, adrenalin subsides and we actually can "break bread" together.

It was during one of these moments we were discussing our favorite movies and decided to share with one another our best.  Brought in my "Waking Ned Devine"  and received "Fight Club" as the exchange with a warning; "you might have to watch this one a few times".  Ordinarily would pass this movie up as I am not a big fan of Pitt's  and it appeared to be a "boy type" movie. Yup, generation gap preferences were evident, yet out of respect, we exchanged our glossy DVD boxes.

Watched Fight Club that evening with my husband and what an eye opener for both of us; the battle of control is and always will be, our very own "self". If you submit to external signifier's of happiness; trophy partner, new vehicle, boat, home, plastic surgery, any new stimulus,...you reduce yourself into a blob of greed or worse, become a spectator. Spectators while coveting, invite control freaks in, allowing a subconscious manipulation dance while the blobs fraudulently prostitute and vampire those who come close. Oh and then there is of course the narrow path of living in-between.

My favorite line in this movie was, "It's only after we lost everything we are free to do anything".

You can't see the stars until its dark

I can remember abandoning myself into this thought oasis, Sure, could have taken control into my own hands, debased myself to denial, numbed my feelings with control substances or even worse, suicide. Instead chose to face the truth dead in the eyes and never forgot what was reflected back. The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide, stop trying to control everything and just let it go, especially when you know you don't have the power to stop something which is gone, in death or by willful choice. Ironically isn't that the gift God himself has given to all of us? CHOICE

Yup so when you share your best, with no thoughts of return, truth and healing come, all you have to do is ?

What path do you choose this day?

Friday, June 10, 2011



Awarded to the writer who has awakened something in you, a memory, laughter, tear or latent reality.  You recognize they have no fear and let their "light" shine in their writing and in their living

The knowing just how connected we are in this life and how there are no coincidences. For instance, meeting the artist who painted this precious picture today. Everyone meet VANE!  I added her art work in one of my blog video's made YEARS ago, yup, today I got chills in Florida.

Understood, maybe some people want to stay a "ghost writer" and don't want their true identity to be exposed or their address revealed. We will respect this and stay with the cyber touch BUT for the others who really do like to drink coffee, herbal tea, or say Cabernet Sauvignon. The choice is yours what you would like to share with others. This is the exciting part...your touch response. 

It's all about drinking in truth and being sustained during this journey ! 

    1. You may choose only ONE person per blog topic for this award
    2. You may post the V.P.A. award on your site once the below has been accomplished;
    • SENT THEM A CARD, snail mail or email with personal words of appreciation on how they have ignited your own soul, mind or heart
      • SENT THEM YOUR  (their) FAVORITE COFFEE  (ok beverage) to their doorstep; literally or figuratively. If you are not literally sending, then you must describe or share a picture of beverage winnings on their FB page or wherever their “home” is online.  
          3. Now you can let them know THEY'RE THE ONE!  who won the V.P.A award !
      "Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous."
      the whole idea is this; to FOLLOW THROUGH with your warm fuzzy thoughts, not just keep it inside, lets truly ENCOURAGE an EMBRACE one another..see their truth and focus on the good the hilarious, the preciousness....of who they are 

      6/18/11 First Love 
      6/23/11 Tales of Times
      7/2/11 Opportunities to Make Money
      7/9/11 Faces 

      Sunday, June 5, 2011

      And then she did it...

      Both my sisters chose the medical profession as a career. One decided animal science as the preferred application for her talents. In reflection, definitely think she chose the optimum. Animals warn you before they bite and they do not psychosomatic reality.  

      This one morning awoke knowing I needed to visit the youngest sibling and peek at the lost and found of course!  But she had a heavy case load and couldn’t break from the sterility bus , her schedule was jam packed. "Why didn’t I call before hand?" knew better then popping in, yet, the pull to visit was incredibly  strong. “Maybe today I would find a Maine Coon cat again”.  Presently was childless and “pet-less”, a state unfamiliar. Well, no cat personalities sparked my interest with lots of kittens screaming for attention; “couldn’t adopt a kitten with my schedule, need too much attention in the beginning”. So I rounded the corner towards the barking dogs.

      WOW, so many dogs!!  A tech must have seen the look on my face and commented; “Many have lost their jobs, homes and having a large dog was no longer in their budget an of course the one’s who think puppies are cute till they grow up.” The contrast left me speechless, witnessing animal abandonment in another sad form. At that moment I saw her. Initially thought she was a pitbull but the sign said AMERICAN BULLDOG. Didn’t think, squatted down and looked into her red rimmed eyes and stuck my finger in the cage and then she did it,...she licked me.

      If I were ever to plan buying a dog, never would choose a white dog because don’t like those red rimmed eyes! Just like my husband now, in my youth never was attracted to a short shy man. Why?
      1. he never would have got my attention
      2. only an aggressor could have kept up with me
      Today wouldn’t change a thing about my state in life. Wisdom over the years might have made my roots white but look at Moses. Gotta love the legacy!  So back to the story, hubby said “sleep on it tonight go visit the dog again, if you find you really want her lets get her”…and the rest is history. 

      "Faith is the daring of the soul to go farther than it can see" 
      William Newton Clarke

      Isn’t this the truth, if you REALLY want something it’s because you probably really NEED it. So why are you hesitating?! Follow your inner voice and be blessed with something today. Remember, it's the journey, let your heart be captured.

      Thursday, June 2, 2011

      Embrace the Challenge; add music to your blog

      Ever read a blog and become awestruck? The palate is perfect, a designers show case with MUSIC to boot!  Peacegirl's place did it for me; A Horse With No Name was the blog, "omg? how the heck did they do that?"  and the research began.

      It happened innocently enough, just like the day when my son asked me to join myspace. "What is myspace?" his reply; "Check it out for yourself Mom" did, took the Muppet Personality Test found my identity and joined! (under my Muppet name of course). After all, NONE of my peers were there, "that's a place for kids" and Tom became my very first friend.

      Met the most fascinating people. Sure had my fears, "your identity could be stolen" (not, I am a muppet!)  and discovered writing reveals the soul of a person. Like attracts like and this chemistry can form bonds for a lifetime.

      When invited to join GBE (global blog event) achem; grammar by example, the definition doesn't matter, the reality was this; change was in the air and the opportunity for growth.

      1. First you need your code for the player; Streampad , at this link select your platform. Scroll down to customize. * You only need to add the code once.
      2. You will need to download DROPBOX, its free. click here to download dropbox STAT. This will convert your MP3's to a PUBLIC FILE. You need to do this and here is a link to youtube from a guy with an accent who shows you how to do it simply
      3. Each blog you write can have a new MP3 play but remember, if you don't want ANY song you will have to delete your Streampad gadget that week. (or just add a almost mute background song of the wind, rain or rolling waves)
      4. FREE mp3's, download MP3 snipMP3
      5. With the above, all you do is copy the code of the youtube music and it will convert it for you, then after it coverts it just click and download to your favorite music library. Don't worry, it does not copy the commercial adds, just the music itself. This is the mp3 you will drag into your DROPBOX to make into a public domain for web acceptance
      6. This is where it may get a lil stressful if you don't understand HTML, but this is how to add mp3
      paste public mp3 link from drop box (at the very end of your blog)
      click LINK button
      clck html button
      scroll to bottom
      delete everything after closed carrot (in quotes carrot) and then just add a space

      • <a href="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/30748379/Wild%20Child%20-%20Enya.mp3">http://dl.dropbox.com/u/30748379/Wild%20Child%20-%20Enya.mp3</a>
      • <a href="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/30748379/Wild%20Child%20-%20Enya.mp3"> </a>

      Doing the above will make the HTML disappear in your blog. Experiment, forgive your self, take a coffee break, wine break, rum n coke..hehe most importantly have FUN trying. These steps made music work for me but just like achieving an orgasm....success is not succumbing. (yes Kevin this last line was for you) Don't settle and make it work for you.

      "The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate"  Oprah