Thursday, June 23, 2011

Angular thoughts...

Copyright MCMXXXII
prepared  by JOHN Y. BEATY
  photographs  by  J. C.  ALLEN

Discovered this book and had to share.Noticed the copyright and started researching, realizing these pictures were taken in the midst of the Great Depression, yet such JOY was captured in these little faces. It's a lesson for me, for all of us, the gift of nature. The ones who can capture these moments and share with the world have to be hand chosen by God himself!

Freaked me out reading the stats; in 1932 the Government and companies cutting working hours for those in employment hoping to provide more jobs for those who are unemployed.. Thirteen million Americans were unemployed with massive famine, with estimates of five million deaths caused by starvation. A series of  Tornadoes on March 21st  1932 killed at least 184 persons in Alabama, Georgia Tennessee, Kentucky and South Carolina. AND Tuberculosis was becoming more widespread throughout the US...gosh, sound familiar?

Not an alarmist by any means but have seen history repeat itself. Greed desires monopoly and havoc reverberates karma's kiss. Love Dr Wayne Dyer's quote; "How people Rx you is their Karma, how you react is yours"  Simple, we reap what we sow, so lets get to the harvest already, the message found in this old  book.

After reading a few lines and viewing the pictures, even though the book smelled felt alive. Alive with wonder and children full of life. Know we would be begging our family "lets go visit the farm".  Walk through the high grass unmowed, making swishing sounds as you waded on towards the animals. Hearing the moo of a cow and then smelling them. Not getting to close as the drool could slobber on you and just might lose your own stomach contents. But that's the adult me remembering...back to the book

Don't think she smelled the drool
umm..he might have!
aww , she would remember this moment forever
look at this barefoot cutie, even the pony looks happy!
no words needed
 working the field
 call this one... T O L E R A N C E!
Yup we must remember this
the power of a creative mind
the written word
births hope
into the eyes
even when
the path
 may have been

"No Braces Needed"

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history
Mohandas Gandhi


  1. Oh I love those pictures! Gorgeous. I love old things of the past like that. Working on listing your blog on mine :D

  2. claudia..that lil girl reminds me of YOU!

    and we can make a difference you know..with the repetition stuff...achem! : )