Thursday, October 13, 2011

Innocence in Motion

Flowers are the sweetest thing God ever made
Was sitting in the parking lot of Target, top was down on my Miata as I just recently finished a photo shoot trek through the everglades. Walked several miles and just wasn't up to hitting the isles for food, would leave this up to my son today!  So parked under a shady spot and continue to review my snapshots. In doing so it was now evident their was traffic all around me. Target was a busy place! It was the first week since school opened and observed many parents with their children entering in and out.  It was then a car full of "chatty" girls pulled up. Mom looked 30 ish and a few girls around ten jumped out with purses in hand groomed like petite models. Hair just so and they even had matching earrings! Then I heard it; "Can you believe she wants to be class president?" another responded, "Oh my gawd" and more giggles with muffled conversation entering the store. 'Thank God I am pass this stage" I thought,  remembering how cruel children could be, like parana, sniffing out the bleeding vulnerable or the ones who threaten their position in life, social bonding in the lowest form.

Yup, rather be in the wild woods viewing simplistic temperaments on mother nature's team! So back to reviewing my captures when I hear to the right side of me now; "Hey hey, come this way".  A burly looking man barked towards a child, she looked about nine, chubby and squeezing this bright plastic purple purse, standing shyly by a sun bleached rusty truck. Looking both ways, as I am sure she was taught, she ran to this man's side. Couldn't help but wonder where her mom was and today can still see the expression on her face, elated yet fearful.  It brought immediate tears to my eyes. Part of me wanted to jump out of the car and take her shopping, she saw me so I gave her a big smile and wave, she smiled and put her head down. Immediately found myself praying; "Father protect her innocence, be her Warrior now and forever amen"

It was then could see my son was returning back to the car. Noticed his long black wavy hair flying wildly in the air, hands laden with white plastics and a spring in his walk. Eight months he has been working tirelessly on a project and was on the cusp of a financial break through. Yes he would be a mufti-millionaire but more importantly for the first time he was working for a company who not only believed in him but didn't judge him on his looks or preexisting status. Sure every mom loves their children and see them as genius right?  Truly, mine are.  Now thoughts of his father rush to my heart.  Remembering a story of the many times he was spit upon at the bus stop on Pleasant Street. Ears pulled and bully's had no problem pushing the 10 year old around. He grew up to be 6'4 and became an Olympic Champion  To this day I can recall him saying; "those same people wanted to be my best friend later in life but I never forgot how they treated me".

How we choose to swim out of the Parana pools  in life is an art all in itself. Some of us succeed but the inner child remains crippled which deafens remnant consciousness. This entangles the soul and choices for survival become evident as greed's appetite enlarges. Innocence is discarded and hope loses her voice. The rainbow becomes defiled as double helix echos an earthly tribute. After all,  we were created to reflect heaven on earth, not earthly leaven. So though it may not seem rational to forgive, this action births clarity, as balance gives one power to walk on the waters, yes even the pools of Parana. You've recaptured courage as innocence in motion becomes a daily journey.  'Walk on my child...walk on"  It's then you realize you never really were alone~ just forgot why you were created!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Delicate Balance

Orb Weaver” or “Banana Spider”
Recently was trekking through the reserve waiting for that special capture to manifest. Expectation is key and having the right tools in hand mandate success.      
Hearing a sudden inhale of air and; “Oh my gawd..”, a squint along the treetops revealed an invisible netting which found; Nepilia clavipes levitated in mid air.

Closer inspection disclosed Poppa above her, (missing one leg, wonder if she ate it prior to the honey bee catch as female spiders are known for sexual cannibalism) honey-bee entanglement with feasting spiderlings. Was able to snap a pic of my friend who gasped as you can see. Also shows the perspective of just how high this spider was in the trees. It truly was quite a sight to behold.
My friend was a little squeamish the rest of the journey. She made a few comments suggestive of my “camera etiquette” as being reckless; an open invitation for a sting or worse. In my discernment her comments were sprung from her foundation of fear. Yes we need to respect nature, EVERYTHING, yet never let another's beliefs dominate your actions.

Moments later my batteries lost their charge and had to change them out. On the way back spied a young raccoon foraging on the outskirts of the woods. While filming the event, chuckled to myself thinking; “if you see a raccoon in the daytime they are probably rabid”.  Instead, approached this lil guy and recorded a precious encounter. 

There are laws of nature, laws of the universe and if we live life in the sphere of respect and reverence, then this delicate balance we call life will be an adventure full of joy. All we have to do is remember this one thought; “the power of OUR thoughts”, be careful what you digest and be sure to cast off untruth.  Sometimes this means distancing yourself from unhealthy environments…people! 

Read a quote today in Jeremiah; "what you fear may come upon you and you will die there"   

There is enough famine in the world, it’s time to digest truth and let it saturate our being. Embrace the knowing and walk on as joy becomes our shadow.