Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Recipes Always end up DIFFERENT

It doesn't matter if I follow the directions, by golly by gee,  it comes out in a new form every time for me! (doing this one especially for Jo)  See I know this gifted author, cook, everything she attempts is pure genius, well, I read one of her recipe's Stuffed Crescents and thought; Oh let me do this one for the guys, seeing they've been farting chicken feathers this year from my diet plan. My son and hubby really haven't been complaining to my face too much, do hear them groan as they see the fridge laden with broccoli, cauliflower and celery. You know the diet is working when they lose weight with me! Well they could cook for themselves now couldn't they!

Yup, strict intake with nutritionist overseeing my palate, checking it three times a week. Got my H20 flush pattern down pat, (that's when I decrease one starch and one fruit and increase water intake for the day by 16 oz if I cheat, cheating would be eating STACY chips and Hummus or umm..say 4 cookies..etc) and tada my bubble butt is shrinking OH n chicken, vegi's too, three fruits and two starches only, makes me a shrinker! Didn't think I could get back to my "before children" weight, cuz I grew into my medical scrubs, without even realizing it! Wasn't until I went for my yearly visit noticed my B/P creeping up and my weight HOLY CRAP, thought the scale was broken. NOT...and the quest for weight loss truly began.  

So did you check out my friends blog and cute looking crescent rolls? This is how they came out for her but see, I thought; well seeing my husband and son have HUGE appetites I will just DOUBLE the recipe, 1/2 cup became 1.  1 tube of crescent rolls; 2 etc. (achem)

Well she was NOT kidding when she said the number one rule: BE SURE THE FILLING IS COOLED COMPLETELY. This may take awhile after cooking, might want to cook it first like she suggests and put it aside, like do your grocery or Christmas Shopping and then it should be cooler. ( I put the dang thing in the freezer and it was finally cool after 22 min) 

Oh baby, so then I am all excited, mash the stuff into the dough like she said but when I went to roll it up, OH CRAPOLA it became a huge mummified spinach cocoon!  Looked alien to me, dang this is so not going to fit right on a baking sheet, maybe if we stuff it into my pyrex? Thank Goodness it FITS! Well better bake this sucker for 32 minutes that sounds about right and then  tada; its done! When I pulled it out of the oven I was almost crying, it did rise up so high and looked monstrous! Had to run for the camera but my family is use to that action from me. Scary looking huh? Unless of course you are hungry :0) It did smell good though.

And guess what, the guys LOVED it! They did say; "Wow is this stuff rich" my son said; "Wow mom you out did yourself this time". I looked to see if it was a plagiarist remark but dang they went for seconds, thirds and were STUFFED!! So of course I had to sneak a taste, dang was it RICH. 

AND it was the first time I evah had artichoke hearts, dear gawd, always thought that would be a kind of sacrilege or something. Thanks Jo for the interesting adventure! hehe


  1. Lmbo...Oh my goodness! It doesn't quite LOOK the same, but then again...if it tasted good and everyone liked it, who the hell cares? I can't imagine why doubling an already full crescent rolled out would be a problem, what did you do with the second tube of crescents? Were you making two rolls? That should have worked, but maybe not making one giant sized roll! I don't know. I guess I wasn't specific enough about how to roll them? LOL You made my day anyway. This is awesome.

  2. LOLOLOL well JO...LOL..I HOOKED THE ROLLS TOGETHER, rolled them out on a cutting board..and plopped the mixins (cooled) on top and rolled um up in what came out to be a huge LOAF..hehe Stuffed the dang thing in a pyrex glass (what i usually bake my cakes in) and TADA hehe its all gone today. Didn't last long..sign it WAS good daaalink

  3. You skipped the slicing them part altogether! Oh well, it looks good inside! What a riot!

  4. Holy moley...that looks YUMMY!

  5. Yum. Now quit tempting me, I'm at the outer reaches of my uniform pants.

  6. Oh i COULDN'T slice them apart!! It was to thick, and guess what..NO LEFTOVERS

  7. That looks really good!


  8. hi brenda... you got that right... in my photo, that is the window behind me... sun shining in... you wondered how i do it? i just do... i have no choice; well, i do, but not really...
    i have 30 3rd graders i am responsible for, not only to ensure their education is awesome, but that they leave my classroom every day with their self esteem in tack... plus, making sure they are kind to others... :D

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  10. Always happens to me as well. Recipes never end up the same.
    P.S. I just had lunch, bit this made my mouth water! Can't wait to try it!