Friday, December 2, 2011

Five Minute Friday: TIRED

Ok the rules; write 5 min without backspacing editing just free flowing BOOMshakalaka GO

I was tired, but then i ate these: um..oh that's right, took the sleasy easy way out, uploaded to FB via my DROID. (saying that in a deep elongated voice) Well i did it, I ate 7, yes seven, mini addicting dark chocolate mint pretzels.(maybe 8) OH BAYBAY they are so oooooooops back spaced because i said freakin. so i re wrote freakin out of honesty towards the five minute thought flow! YAH wonder if i can link you to the pic? humm hehe lets try it; YUMMY CHOCOLATE PRETZEL thingamjigs  (sorry if it doesn't work but you knew that)

I am not tired now; and have a few more minutes to go. Great meeting you all and finding you on NaBloPoMo but my train of thought for December will be here; Imperfection is Beautiful, hope to meet you and someday IN PERSON! All about financial miracles, prosperity and TRAVELING! Yup like attracts like, the powa of positive thinking and its no joke, i am not backspacing and not tired, won't so so so so so much to be thankful FOR~

TIMES UP~!  muah~!

ok now its your turn; go here and sign up NOWgo here; Five Minute Friday: topic is TIRED and join the fun!and not be tired :0)


  1. I'm checking out your site from the Gypsy Mama link up. Hope you have a great weekend:)

    ~Stacy from

  2. Nice meeting you. Visiting from 5 Minutes Friday!

  3. ah, fun....just your thoughts as they come to you, no editing (that's the part the is hard for me - the no editing).. i am even doing it now as i write this (except i am purposely not capitalizing anything....)

    ok, looks good.. i will press the post button..

    i failed the fun....

    LOL :D

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I followed you back over! :) I've seen a couple of people do this 5 minute thing. It's always fun to see someone's thoughts streamed out without an "edit" lurking anywhere close by. :) Have a great day!!