Sunday, October 2, 2011

Delicate Balance

Orb Weaver” or “Banana Spider”
Recently was trekking through the reserve waiting for that special capture to manifest. Expectation is key and having the right tools in hand mandate success.      
Hearing a sudden inhale of air and; “Oh my gawd..”, a squint along the treetops revealed an invisible netting which found; Nepilia clavipes levitated in mid air.

Closer inspection disclosed Poppa above her, (missing one leg, wonder if she ate it prior to the honey bee catch as female spiders are known for sexual cannibalism) honey-bee entanglement with feasting spiderlings. Was able to snap a pic of my friend who gasped as you can see. Also shows the perspective of just how high this spider was in the trees. It truly was quite a sight to behold.
My friend was a little squeamish the rest of the journey. She made a few comments suggestive of my “camera etiquette” as being reckless; an open invitation for a sting or worse. In my discernment her comments were sprung from her foundation of fear. Yes we need to respect nature, EVERYTHING, yet never let another's beliefs dominate your actions.

Moments later my batteries lost their charge and had to change them out. On the way back spied a young raccoon foraging on the outskirts of the woods. While filming the event, chuckled to myself thinking; “if you see a raccoon in the daytime they are probably rabid”.  Instead, approached this lil guy and recorded a precious encounter. 

There are laws of nature, laws of the universe and if we live life in the sphere of respect and reverence, then this delicate balance we call life will be an adventure full of joy. All we have to do is remember this one thought; “the power of OUR thoughts”, be careful what you digest and be sure to cast off untruth.  Sometimes this means distancing yourself from unhealthy environments…people! 

Read a quote today in Jeremiah; "what you fear may come upon you and you will die there"   

There is enough famine in the world, it’s time to digest truth and let it saturate our being. Embrace the knowing and walk on as joy becomes our shadow. 


  1. An inspiring post. And you certainly speak truth. Enjoyed the pic of spiders--they're amazing creatures. And raccoons are so cute you can't help but love them. (I've seen them often in the daytime, and they were obviously healthy--as was this one.)

  2. This was truly wonderful reading, and I enjoyed your video. Just yesterday, we had to release a skunk from a Hav-A-Heart trap that we'd put out. Important not to scare the poor thing, and risk being sprayed, we gently talked to it while covering the trap and opening the door. Not wanting to risk coming out right away, I tempted it with marshmallows, which eventually coaxed it to come out without harm to anyone. It is important to remember we are in their environment, and to show that respect. I enjoyed this!

  3. thank you Angela!!<3 and the marshmellow YEAH!! so thankful you were there for his safe exit! and glad you enjoyed this writing

  4. Pardon me while I just keep this blog running in the Mom Cave and zen out to the music. Purely glorious---even if I did have to look at spiders to hear it. Hahaha! Just jokes. That picture is incredible! You have such a way of transporting your readers...

  5. It's official, I missed YOU! Glad to have your blogs back in the mix and this one is great. I am not a spider lover, but the pic is amazing and the little coon is adorable. We have a ton of them around our home and we do see them once in a while during the early evening hours, but I've not seen one broad daylight except when we had babies under the tile that runs under our driveway and they came out a couple times during the middle of the day. soooo cute.
    :) <3

  6. thanks guys!! MISSED YOU 2!!!!!! aww..did you get a pic of them Jo??? hehe Hey i got a pair of dragonfly's about BALANCE dang..and then of course i had to research just HOW they did it..dang he puts his tail into her HEAD i kid you NOT!! hehe just might attach it to this balance blog

  7. Interesting post and awesome pictures!! Brilliant!


  8. I loved this post--and the pics--and the video. Such a great message too! Cheers, Jenn

  9. Excellent! I'm so glad you're baaaaack! :O)

  10. A beautiful post, and I've missed reading your work. That photo is awesome, with those spiderlings feasting on the honeybee. Wow.

  11. miss you guys TOOOOOOOO!! busy with WORK...and learning how to play golf..lalalala off this weekend WOOT WOOT golf as they predict rain which is GOOD...refueling time hehe

  12. Ooh, beautiful blog Brenda! The best living is in sync with nature. I grew up with bears and coyotes, but I get a thrill every time I spot an alligator, otter, crane, egret, ibis ...
    And about that sound track, what artist plays after 'Kiss from a Rose'?

  13. What a lovely post, and another slant to balance. Have a happy day!


  14. Hey Brenda, now you're into Spider Porn!
    :) :)
    Seriously, great post, as you well know their is nothing more eloquent that the poetic that lies in Nature.
    Watch often....peace & warmth..Marc :)

  15. thank you guys..except for MARKY dang its a FAMILY so not porn #4 song is INDIAN SPIRIT SONG
    :0) love you guys

  16. This is an interesting take on the challenge, and the way you brought it back to the human world is wonderful. Love the spider picture!